Many don’t realize waterproofing is a specialty trade very different from painting. Painters make buildings look attractive and fresh and move on to the next building. Waterproofing specialists ensure building envelopes are protected from the elements long term AND make it look aesthetically attractive in the process. We understand the relationship between all exterior envelope systems, from finish systems, to curtainwall, to sliding glass doors, windows and deck coatings. We know our products and how they are designed to work as protection for your envelope against the elements. Glasstec uses the best time proven coatings and sealants on the market by top manufacturers who stand by their products. Whether it’s elastomeric coatings or pedestrian and vehicular bearing deck coatings, new construction or an existing building, we have a product that will meet your need and the experience to install it. Glasstec installs all products per the manufacturer’s specifications so there is never a question of warranty for any project. We’ve been partnering with the top manufacturers in the waterproofing industry for 20 years. If there’s a concern, we can get a response. We have equipment on hand to remove existing coatings or coverings, the skill to identify any possible problems, and the experience to clean and prep the substrate adequately to receive the new system.

A waterproofing system is only as sound as the substrate it’s installed on and the integrity of the caulk joints within the system. Our tradesmen are skilled in all types of caulk joints located throughout a structure and know the purpose for those joints. Many times non-specialty contractors don’t understand how these systems are designed to work and they end up causing more harm than good. To best protect your investment you want locally owned and operated Glasstec to waterproof your building.

Myrtle Beach Glass & Waterproofing

Glasstec is a Myrtle Beach glass company that installs and repairs glass as well as handles waterproofing. The main main services that Glasstec offers is are aluminum, glass & glazing, waterproofing, restoration and building investigations & assessments. Since 1990, Glasstec has provided the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach with all of their glass services. From large hotels to residential homes, Glasstec can handle any glass or waterproofing job big or small. Glasstec is located at 3833 Socastee Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.