“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Ben Franklin Sound advice from one of the wisest men in history. Glasstec is ready and prepared to assist you in keeping your structure as sound as Ben Franklin’s advice. Maintenance on the exterior of an oceanfront structure is much more than painting and caulking. If you buy a new car, your top priority is to schedule regular maintenance, right? You wash it regularly to protect the exterior and you change the oil regularly to protect the engine and you change the tires and brakes regularly to keep it safe. The same thing is true with your building envelope. You want to maintain your asset to get the most longevity out of your investment so you want a specialty contractor skilled at identifying potential problems rather than a typical painting contractor to paint and run. The only thing protecting your interior is your envelope and the envelope is only as sound as the products protecting it from the elements. Mother Nature is cruel, especially in a coastal environment. The sun, salt and sand that attracts your renters to the Grand Strand also destroys the best products on the market if not cleaned and maintained. The same sun, salt and sand that you wash off your car on a regular bases is building up daily on your building. Eventually the elements will break down the best sealants and finish systems, allowing rain to infiltrate the structure which in turn leads to damage to concrete and coatings.

The next thing you know you have open cracks in walls and decks that are open avenues for even more water infiltration. Water carved the Grand Canyon…imagine what it can do to inside your walls over time. Many times this leads to life safety issues with deteriorating concrete requiring immediate attention that may not be included in your budget. Now you’ve got damages to fix ASAP and unhappy special assessed homeowners! Even interior finishes can be damaged if a compromised envelope isn’t repaired in a timely manner. In addition to the damage to sealants, coatings, concrete and finish systems, the salt and sand will successfully destroy aluminum products if they are not cleaned on a regular basis. Sand and salt will eat away at the best anodized products on the market quicker than you expect leaving your doors, windows and curtainwall corroded and dramatically shorten their life span. In fact, very few of any of the top aluminum manufacturers will warrant any aluminum finish installed in an oceanfront application. It’s in the fine print! Regular cleaning and inspections of exterior elevations, coatings, caulk joints, and glazing systems will allow us to identify and address potential problems and keep you out of hot water…. no pun intended. Glasstec has been repairing hi rise, mid-rise and low rise buildings on the Grand Strand since 1990. Let our experience help to keep your building weather tight. We’ll be here to back our work, guaranteed.

Myrtle Beach Glass & Waterproofing

Glasstec is a Myrtle Beach glass company that installs and repairs glass as well as handles waterproofing. The main main services that Glasstec offers is are aluminum, glass & glazing, waterproofing, restoration and building investigations & assessments. Since 1990, Glasstec has provided the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach with all of their glass services. From large hotels to residential homes, Glasstec can handle any glass or waterproofing job big or small. Glasstec is located at 3833 Socastee Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.