Leak Chasing

Oh no! Water showing up inside your building! Your first response is going to be to seal the spot where it’s showing up. Problem solved right? Maybe, until the next rainstorm when suddenly you have a leak someplace else. What you’ve done is chase it someplace else. Nine times out of ten, where a leak shows up is NOT where it originates! And on top of that, it probably originates in a highly inaccessible spot, which would be why you’ve overlooked it. Your building walls are cavities with all sorts of crazy avenues for water to travel and it ALWAYS takes the path of least resistance. Once water gets in there’s no telling where it’ll come out. A leak showing up in a 4th floor corner unit may actually be the result of compromised caulk joints at the 10th floor level. A window may appear to be leaking when actually the drain system is the easiest way for water trapped in the wall to escape. How did it get into the wall? Water is a master at finding the weakest point to infiltrate a structure and once it’s in, expect damages. Inspections and maintenance are the first line of defense against leaks but we’re all human and sometimes preventative maintenance isn’t always made a top priority. When that happens and you find yourself with a leak issue, Glasstec’s skilled eyes can help determine the origin of that leak and get it stopped a.s.a.p. We have the equipment to access it and the skilled tradesmen to solve it. Bare in mind, leak chasing isn’t always a quick process…especially if your building maintenance has been neglected for a long period of time. Sometimes it takes a special kind of rain for it to show up. Many times we’ve worked so closely with Myrtle Beach homeowners and building owners to source a leak, they know to call us as soon as it shows up during a storm and we’ll be there before it dries. We’re never far away.

Myrtle Beach Glass & Waterproofing

Glasstec is a Myrtle Beach glass company that installs and repairs glass as well as handles waterproofing. The main main services that Glasstec offers is are aluminum, glass & glazing, waterproofing, restoration and building investigations & assessments. Since 1990, Glasstec has provided the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach with all of their glass services. From large hotels to residential homes, Glasstec can handle any glass or waterproofing job big or small. Glasstec is located at 3833 Socastee Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.