Myrtle Beach Glass Company

Why should Glasstec, Myrtle Beach glass company, be your first choice of specialty contractor? Not to be boastful, but we have the best team and the most integrity. Since 1992 Ron has been leading Glasstec up and down the Grand Strand through the worst hurricanes to the hottest summer sun. He has successfully built a reputation of reliability and professionalism for Glasstec that we intend to maintain. We have a team of skilled tradesmen and technicians that can’t be outdone. We have partnerships with the best manufacturers. This is our home. This is the home of our fantastic employees and technicians and their families. And simply put… you don’t “make a mess” where you eat and live.

Give us a call so we can get to work on your project. Whether it’s new construction or a remediation/restoration, big or small, our estimators will provide a realistic and competitive bid that will accurately reflect your specifications. No funny underhanded business. No bait and switch. We also have a top-notch team of engineers, architects, consultants, and manufacturers who are available to provide professional advice and direction on any idea you may have. We’re never far away.

Ron learned the waterproofing trade in NC before moving to the glass/glazing industry in the late 1980’s. As circumstances would have it, Ron was a young new homeowner employed with one of the biggest commercial glass and glazing companies in the country at the time Hurricane Hugo bore down on our area in 1989. Directly disobeying his employer, Ron chose to return home to Socastee to protect the biggest investment of his life so far…his home, as the monster storm barreled toward the Grand Strand. Glasstec was born and raised here on the Grand Strand as a product of Hurricane Hugo and a motivated young entrepreneur. In the aftermath of the storm, Ron provided clean up and repair services to local residents and businesses, which catapulted him into a position to launch Glasstec. Since that time Glasstec and it’s team has taken apart and reassembled more buildings along the Grand Strand than any other contractor, local or not, while enduring some of the most active hurricane seasons on record for the Grand Strand. Once the construction boom took off in the late 1990’s, Glasstec was there with the best General Contractors and Owners to provide top-notch specialty trade services on some of the most impressive high-rise structures on the beach. We’re still here today and we’ll be here tomorrow, because this is our home.

Myrtle Beach Glass & Waterproofing

Glasstec is a Myrtle Beach glass company that installs and repairs glass as well as handles waterproofing. The main main services that Glasstec offers is are aluminum, glass & glazing, waterproofing, restoration and building investigations & assessments. Since 1990, Glasstec has provided the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach with all of their glass services. From large hotels to residential homes, Glasstec can handle any glass or waterproofing job big or small. Glasstec is located at 3833 Socastee Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.